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Intensivo actively seeks out...
State Boards of Nursing
Specialty Nursing Organizations
Nursing Shortage Resource
Nursing Shortage
Continuing Education
National Health Information Center
National League for Nursing
American Journal of Nursing
Bringing Hospitals and Nurses together!
We are always looking for We Pay
Registered Nurses $40/hr to $55/hr
Licensed Vocational Nurses $30/hr to $43/hr
Our Mission
The United States faces a growing shortage of qualified, certified and experienced nursing practitioners. At the same time Healthcare Facilities face a shrinking budget. Intensivo Nursing Services is focused on meeting the demands of both Nursing Practitioners and Healthcare facilities by matching cost efficient demand with quality resource supply.  
Our Vision
We want to be the best at matching the needs of Healthcare Facilities and Nursing practitioners and ensuring optimal solutions that work for all parties. We want to automate the process without removing that crucial human touch that is critical to the Nursing and Healthcare profession.
Our Values
Toll Free
EARN EXTRA MONEY!!!! Intensivo will pay extra money for every hour your referral works. The more your referral works, the more money you make.
On line applications now available and the ability to make your own schedule up to 13 weeks ahead of time.
If you have questions or concerns please give us a call or simply send us an e-mail. Our answering service is 24/7 insi.tx@gmail.com (956) 542-4333.
With Intensivo, I am my own boss and I can choose my own hours. It is great being able to work when I want to work, earning twice what I would make as staff. KD
I was hesitant about working for an agency. I felt I needed to work for a hospital to have security. Once I started working for Intensivo I realize that by being a licensed nurse is all the security I need. And now I work half the hours I use to and I am able to spend more time with my family. CD
I use to be worried that I needed to work for the hospital to have benefits. Then I learned what I thought was a benefit really wasn’t. I was being paid less so that money could be withheld from my pay check to pay for my benefits. The difference from what I use to make and what I now make is $22 an hour. That is a difference of $44,000 over a year. Now, that is a real benefit, one that I can fold and put in my pocket. MG
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